Antarctica: Day Nine: Drake Passage, Cape Horn

This was our last full day onboard. We wanted to start tidying up the cabin and packing, but we just couldn’t get any solid footing, so it had to wait until we hit the calmer waters of Tierra del Fuego. This region is part of Patagonia and is a beautiful place to hike and kayak. Someday, I will come back.

At 14:00, we rounded Cape Horn! Achievement unlocked! Cape Horn is infamous for sinking ships, and we just doodled by, without a care in the world.

Cape Horn

In the evening, they held an auction for the following charities. Check them out online and see what good work they do.

Our entire path across the Drake Passage and through the Antarctic peninsula can be seen here, with names and coordinates. Thanks to the crew for providing this for us!

Cruise Itinerary

The end of the day saw calmer waters, and we were able to start packing. In the morning, things would have to go fast with an 8:30 disembarkation, at the latest. The end of the cruise was near.

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