Visiting Countries with Pollution

You may have seen the pollution issue in Delhi, India recently, but these issues are quite common in China and India, countries with huge populations and increasing private car ownership rates. But we love India and China, right?

So, I have a recommendation that I’ve used and totally love. You can breathe easy and still see your favorite places.  It’s called a Vogmask.  It’s a fashionable PM 2.5 filtering mask.  No need to walk around with a hospital mask on, which doesn’t work for PM 2.5 particles anyway.

I just bought a new one! Love it!


Get your Vogmask here!

Other masks that are just as stylish, but I haven’t tried it myself yet: Ellessco’s My Air Mask

And if you want a super effective mask that will filter out fumes as well, check out:  Respro Pollution Masks


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