Antarctica: Day Ten: Ushuaia

Disembarking was unexpectedly emotional. There were tears in my eyes as I walked down the gangway. This continent leaves a mark on you, makes you aware of your role on this planet and brings a lot of world issues to the forefront. It’s wild and beautiful, but fragile and needs protecting. Humans are so destructive on this planet. It would be nice if we could be better stewards of this wonderful oasis of life in the universe.

The Crew of the Ocean Victory – Source: WernerKruse

Saying goodbye to all the scientist-guides that lined up for us on the dock was also hard. They dedicate their lives to this White Continent with all its treasures, and we really do appreciate them for it.

Antarctic Claims – Source

The above map shows which countries have laid claims on the Antarctic continent, but in my opinion, we ALL own it. It’s the one place on Earth where no one has an advantage.

I was here.

The true force of what I’ve experienced came in waves, as I wrote my story and when I talked to people about it. It’s hard to express in words all the feelings and experiences I had on this trip, but for posterity, I tried and shared them with you.

Antarctica is one of those trips that isn’t over when you leave the place.

Antarctica is forever

This is the end of the series on Antarctica. If you’re interested in having a copy of these posts plus additional content, like lecture notes and references, you can find a copy for purchase in my store.

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