My name is Anita…and I’m here to inspire travel and adventure.

I’ve been traveling off and on, since before I was born, and a lot of my travels have been between long bouts of work, but recently I’ve become a digital nomad, so I’m still working, but able to travel while doing what I love. Traveling can be challenging and rewarding, so the more you know, the better your experience.

This is where I come in: I’m here to provide information and insights into the art of travel, based on my experience traveling to 67 different countries (and counting).

I know right now, we’re all in a holding pattern. It’s especially hard for those with Wanderlust, like me, but we’ll get through it. Until this pandemic is over, we must travel using our imagination and whatever the internet can provide.

To that end, I’ve designed some Virtual Vacations that provide the tools to take a journey of imagination to some popular cities, like Paris and Venice. For less than the price of a hotel stay, you can enjoy a long weekend filled with sightseeing and cultural immersion to help you discover what makes these places so special. For more information, look at My Store.

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