West Palm Beach Forever!

Driving from West Palm Beach, Florida to Palm Beach, I’m giving myself whiplash trying to take in all the mansions that we’re passing by. Huge homes with perfectly manicured lawns are jumping out at me left and right. Clearly, this is where people who’ve made it live.

City Place at Night

There’s so much eye candy here, in addition to these grand palaces, like sparkling high rises, forested parks and posh stores. Whether you can afford it or not, it’s enjoyable to walk around and feel the young, vibrant electricity of southern Florida with its Hispanic influences. It fresh and lively, flanked by canals on one side and lovely ocean beaches on the other.

The Promenade

One of the places to visit downtown is City Place with its many shops and restaurants where you can spend hours people-watching and shopping. Stop for a bite to eat at the Il Bellagio which serves authentic Italian cuisine. On my visit, the staff was very attentive without being pushy, and the atmosphere made me forget I was in Florida and not at the Amalfi Coast.

Downtown Abbey Exhibit

We had dinner at the City Cellar and spent hours there without getting pressured to pay up and go. The Escargot was a buttery extravaganza and the Caesar salad to die for. The staff was around, but not obvious, which is the way I like it.

West Palm Beach is a great spot for a quick weekend getaway. It has a Joie de Vivre that is contagious! If you’re ready…book it.

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