Tapas Anyone?

Boston, MA: Lolita Cocina & Tequila Bar (http://www.lolitatequilabars.com/)

I arrived in Boston exhausted, but hungry as usually.  So, Russ found what he called a “Mexican place” near our hotel.  Lolita’s is an eclectic, dark, loud bar that also serves delicious Spanish tapas.  Each dish is large enough that three dishes were enough for the two of us.

The waitress surprised us from the get-go by bringing us complimentary, grapefruit-infused ice shavings that had a dry ice haze over it. It was very refreshing and is used to clear the palate between dishes, but Russ snarfed it all down right away, since it was so similar to his beloved Sno-balls.

The three dishes we ordered were: Fresco Avocado Dip, Crispy Fish Taquitos, and Garlic Shrimp Tacos.  The dip was as expected, the taquitos were like Spanish-style fish “Spring Rolls”, and the shrimp tacos were too spicy for me, but Russ loved them.  We also had a basket of freshly made tortilla chips.  It was an excellent meal.

The whole scene was a bit too loud for me in my tired state, so we tried to pay and leave as soon as we were done, but then to our surprise, along with the check came a huge ball of cotton candy.  My dentist’s warnings were in my head, but I tried some anyway.  If you have dinner here, the whole experience won’t disappoint.

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