Seattle on the Cheap

Seattle is the opposite of cheap, but if you enjoy the outdoors, there are many fun things to see and do without going broke. Here are 5 places I went and can tell you a bit about. December isn’t the nicest time to visit, but despite the rainy weather, I managed to enjoy my time in this beautiful city.

1. Pike Place Market is a mish-mash of vendors selling everything from food to figurines. It’s a great place to pick up supplies for meals instead of eating in pricey restaurants. Check out the fish monger and watch the show as they hock their wares!








2. Pioneer Square is a great place to while away some hours with cafes and outdoor monuments like the Firefighter’s Memorial which brought tears to my eyes. The men who serve to save us in our time of need are indeed heroes, and I appreciate them.








The square boasts other outdoor artwork like the larger than life Salish statues who face each other in battle or friendship, I’m not sure. Either way the imposing height is most impressive. The Salish are the First People of this area and include the Suquamish, Duwamish, Nisqually, Snoqualmie, and Muckleshoot (Ilalkoamish, Stuckamish, and Skopamish) tribes.










3. Waterfall Garden Park is the site of the first U.S. Post Office and is a lovely place to sit and enjoy the quiet. More of a monument than a natural setting, the place is overgrown with plants and running water, and of course, the pièce de résistance: the 22-foot waterfall. Bring a picnic lunch and enjoy!








4. Frye Art Museum admission is free and consists of a single room with paintings and then an alternating exhibit. During my visit, the exhibit was “Group Therapy”. It was weird, mesmerizing, and thought provoking which I believe was the intention. It addresses the increase in mental illness due to modern societal pressures and provides solutions that can be experienced hands on. Give the therapy couch a try or meditate to music provided via headsets. If nothing else, it will make you aware how much people need to stop and reevaluate life once in a while.








5. Space Needle Park is a huge area where you can take a long walk and view the Space Needle from the ground. Take a lunch break inside the Armory which contains a food court and Children’s Museum. The most iconic image of Seattle can’t be missed and this is where I end my tour.


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