Sea Turtles on Cocoa Beach

“We’re free”, they yelled, and swooshed into the surf!

Thurber and Josie: Two Loggerhead Sea Turtles being Released

The Florida Space Coast isn’t just about rockets and surfing, it’s one of the largest sea turtle nesting beaches in the world with Loggerheads, Greens and Leatherbacks stopping off every year between March and October to deposit eggs. The Sea Turtle Preservation Society teams up with Brevard Zoo to rescue hurt or ill sea turtles and rehabilitate them. Today, there was a release of two Loggerheads and a Green. It was a sight to see.

Loggerhead Sea Turtle Making His Way Home

If you want to watch sea turtles nesting, the Sea Turtle Preservation Society offers nighttime Turtle Walks which are guided beach tours to see how the females come on shore to lay eggs. They also have a store with an education center and offer monthly educational seminars on a variety of topics.

This Loggerhead weighs around 200 lbs.

Brevard Zoo has a newly renovated healing center which isn’t open to the public, but the zoo is definitely worth a stop by. Both organizations put ticket money to good use. Next time you visit the beaches, remember who you’re sharing this planet with, and keep it clean.

Baby Green Turtle

For more information about experiencing sea turtle first hand, visit

Sea Turtle Preservation Society

Brevard Zoo

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