Munich to Bologna by Train

November 2017

After this journey, I asked myself, why did I ever drive to Italy in a car?  The big scenic windows of the train allowed me to see all the sites and without stopping for tolls and suffering the hair-raising drive on the Autostrada. I could relax in my cushy seat, eat bonbons and watch the world go by.  Train travel has to be the number one way to go!

The first city we passed through was Rosenheim which lies at the foot of the Alps with picturesque buildings and squares. It’s a German city with a little Italian charm.

Now passing into the Alps, we see Kufstein in Austria where in May, the yearly Ritterfest takes place at the castle, Festung Kufstein. It’s a medieval festival with fire dancing, camel rides, and costumes to see and buy.  The castle was clearly visible from the train.

Still in Austria, Innsbruck is gorgeous with the river Inn coursing through it and the Alps looming large on all sides. Major eye candy here, and honestly, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

Brennero is now in Italy and there is a visible change to the scenery; we see more stone, less paint. Bolzano is a popular destination for Germans, so most people who work in tourism here can speak German. Trento is a gem that usually isn’t on anyone’s bucket list, but should be.

Now we’re exiting the Alps again and coming to Verona, the city of love, Romeo and Juliet style! I wonder how many people honeymoon here.

Bologna, known for ‘lasagne alla bolognese’, ‘tagliatelle al ragu’, and the grandfather of boloney, Mortadella sausage, is a good place to stop and eat. Mangiate!

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