Virtual Vacations

I never thought I’d be truly grounded, not able to travel where and when I wanted, but that is the reality for us lovers of travel for the foreseeable future. As frustrating as that is, I’ve found some alternatives, because I am ever hopeful and optimistic about life. Personally, I continue to read and write about travel, but I’ve also found online sources for adventure through virtual tours, which I posted about here back in March, when the Pandemic of 2020 hit the fan.

I’ve since brought an old idea to life, something I’d been thinking about for a couple years, but left on the back burner. It’s the idea of acting out a vacation from home using props, books and imagination. With the right materials, it would be really fun and entertaining, as well as, educational and inspiring. So, my Virtual Vacation packages are now, finally, ready for sharing! Initial destinations are the most popular ones: Venice, Paris, Barcelona, and Munich. I plan to add more. And, I only create packages for places I’ve actually been, so that I can really select the best materials for an authentic experience. I’m so happy to be able to share these with the world because, ultimately, travel is the true equalizer, building bridges between people of different cultures, and we certainly need more of that.

Take a look at my shop and see for yourself.

While looking for other virtual vacation offerings online, I found only one from Kayak, which is selling something with VR goggles. The marketing video is ridiculously funny, and I can’t see any way to order, so maybe it’s a joke or not ready yet? Here’s the link, anyway. If anything, the video is worth a laugh.

I also found a contest where you can get paid to take a virtual vacation. It’s sponsored by Upgraded Points. You can apply here.

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