Singapore Airlines Rocks!

Tucked in my cushy airline seat, anticipating a very long twelve-hour flight across the Pacific, I am handed a hot wet towel, and a feeling of calm washes over me, and suddenly, I know something is different here. In the next five minutes, I’m handed a multi-page menu, showing me all the culinary delights that I will be receiving during this flight, which gives me something to look forward to, beside the multitude of movies. Then I receive an amenities kit which contains socks, toothbrush and paste. Comfortable seats, menus, gifts, and hot towels? I’m in Economy class! What’s going on?

Welcome to Singapore Airlines, the airline with lovely flight attendants who treat you like royalty. I’ve completely fallen in love.

According to skytrax, who provide all kinds of reports surrounding air travel, in 2017, the best airlines to fly Economy class are :

  1. Thai Air
  2. Qatar Air
  3. Asiana
  4. Garuda Indonesia
  5. Singapore Air
  6. Japan Air
  7. Emirates
  8. ANA All Nippon Air
  9. EVA Air
  10. Lufthansa


The only top ten airline I had prior experience with was my beloved Lufthansa. Until this trip to “The Land of the Rising Sun”, I didn’t know what I was missing. The Singapore staff made twelve hours fly by (pun intended), and it was the most pleasant long-haul flight I’ve ever been on.

Now I’m looking for excuses to fly with Singapore Airlines again!

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