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It’s a personal choice how you keep track of your travels. Whether by diary, lists or photographic evidence, it’s fun to have a record to look back on and reference. I do all three, and recently I learned that there are other people who keep track too and went so far as to create a community out of it.

The All Fifty States Club is a place to track your visits to the individual states of The United States. You can build a map there to show off and there is competition for top spots like ‘Fastest Trip to See All 50 States’. Travel geeks will love this!

On a larger scale, the Traveler’s Century Club counts countries. If you look at their list of countries, you will notice that they count not only political divisions, but also cultural. That means a trip to Bermuda is counted as its own country even though it is a territory of the U.K.

While I haven’t yet reached 100, I’m trying like hell!

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