Virtual Vacation: Beijing


Explore Beijing from the comfort of home using the materials provided and a little bit of imagination!




You need a vacation. We all do. But sometimes, it’s just not possible, either due to work demands or lack of funds.

But, we can all manage to block out a 3-day weekend for a staycation.

With this Virtual Vacation Package, you can turn that boring staycation into a fantastic foreign city vacation!


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Here’s how it works. You will receive a collection of materials to guide you through the holiday. You will feel like you’re immersing in the foreign culture by cooking Chinese meals, learning the Chinese language, reading a novel that takes place in Beijing and watching a Chinese movie. There is a guide book and instructions, so you needn’t worry about planning anything. It’s all pre-compiled into an itinerary you will love, and it’s totally customizable to your own tastes.


What’s included:

      • Your Virtual Vacation Itinerary
      • A Beijing Travel Guide
      • A Chinese Cookbook
      • A Movie that takes place in Beijing
      • A Chinese Language Book
      • A Novel that takes place in Beijing
      • A Puzzle of one of Beijing’s Famous Landmarks

Free with this package: postcards to send to your friends after, so you can travel-brag. You know you want to!


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I guarantee you will enjoy discovering this city with the tools provided.

Try it out now! It’s a unique opportunity you don’t want to miss.


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If you have any questions, please leave me a message here.

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