The Lonely Planet Guide to Experimental Travel (Antony, Henry)

Imagine flying into a city alone, your sig-o is on another flight flying to the same city, but you each don’t have the details of the other’s flight or hotel. You’ll both be visiting this city for a week and the main goal is to find each other, without using mobile phones, of course. Could you do it?

How about not planning anything about your next trip, and instead, use dice to make decisions about what you’ll do? You might be surprised how much fun that would be with no pressure to decide anything!

These are examples of experimental travel, non-traditional games or techniques to act out while you’re traveling. You may still see A-list sites, eat at great restaurants, but there is a unique perspective each time. This book lists such travel games and is a great source for such non-traditional ways to travel.

Anyone up for something like this?

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